Customer Testimonials

Explore our past clients and testimonials to find out why Announcee is used and recommended by hundreds of businesses from all over the world.

Aqutz Solutions

David J. Crofts, co-founder of Aqutz, used Announcee to launch his Law Firm mobile app. With a successful launch across all platforms, Aqutz attracted a lot of attention in the press + social media space and helped the team gain the initial users they required. Their Product Hunt post received more than 200 upvotes.


Harry Roush and the team at Checkmarks, used Announcee to generate buzz around their alpha version of Checkmarks Platform. We worked with them to create a custom outreach campaign which helped them gain an initial audience and receive the feedback required for a future launch.


Fortic Team used Announcee to launch their product. We helped Fortic in attracting attention from early adopters and investors which turned up to be a boom for them.

Capescent E-commerce

Capescent E-Commerce utilised Announcee for launching their platform. We helped submit Capescent to over 100 directories and leave the team with time to polish their website while we took care of everything behind-the-scenes.

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